Our Clients

Our Clients

Elixir Group

Elixir is a holding company that promises to invest in talent. From a snappy website ot their brand strategy, we helped them renew themselves for the digital age.

A&A Associate

A&A first came to us with the need for a simple press release. However, after thorough analysis, we were brought on as their PR partner and under this relationships we have spearheaded PR activations for the entity.

Jaffer Bhai's

Voted the Biriyani King of Mumbai and one of the best biriyanis in UAE, we handle press activations and social media for this biriyani behemoth.

Kingsley Properties

Kingsley Properties is a real estate broker with panache. After surviving recessions, it is now evolving into a new form, And we lead their brand strategy, PR and social Media.

Dubai Tech News

We are also involved in creating Dubai Tech News, UAE's first tech focussed news site dedicated to english speaking audences.